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Tumble Kids Kailua

Gymnastics in Kailua

At TumbleKids Kailua we believe gymnastics can be a key ingredient in your child's development, building physical strength and self-confidence. 

TumbleKids Kailua is committed to giving each child the best gymnastics training possible. Our coaching staff may develop a champion, however there are other aspects of our training program that we consider just as important. We pledge to give our students sound training and a strong physical advantage. We want them to achieve the intangibles: Self-Discipline, Self Confidence and Self- Respect.


Meet the Owners

Mackenzie Miller - Co - Owner / Director
Mackenzie is a former Junior Olympic competitive gymnast coached by her mom, Lauren. Mackenzie is the former director of the Watertown location and was responsible for all aspects of the program including preschool gymnastics, recreational classes and Head Coach of the Junior Olympic Competitive Team. She has been coaching recreational and competitive gymnastics for over 10 years.

Lauren Miller- Co-Owner
Lauren has been coaching gymnastics since 1977 and has coached and choreographed for Junior Olympic & Elite level competitors on the national and international scene. Lauren was a high school and private club competitor and has been a gym owner for the past 22 years. She is the current owner of TumbleKids USA INC. with two locations in Massachusetts

A Glowing Testimonial

"We have 2 daughters who have been at TumbleKids (MA) for about 6 years each, and it has been a fantastic experience. Through the years we've watched our girls grow from toddlers in the recreational gymnastics program, to strong, confident, dedicated athletes on competitive teams. The constant throughout all these years has been that the girls look forward to coming to the gym for every single practice because it's so much fun! They love their coaches, and have made strong, lasting friendships with their peers at the gym. Mackenzie has been especially influential to the girls. She is an incredibly talented technical coach, and has brought their gymnastics performance to new heights. The girls have excelled in meets against very competitive gyms. But more importantly she has been a great role model, teaching them how to be good teammates to each other and how to work hard and still have fun. These are lessons that they will carry with them through the years, we hope!"

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Mackenzie Miller
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